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Woodtec 2.5 EC | Wood Borers Protectant - 1 liter

Woodtec 2.5 EC | Wood Borers Protectant - 1 liter

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Product Description:
Residual Insecticide for the control of wood-boring insect pests that attack wood and wood-based products.

Other benefits and features:
Suitable for use on freshly felled logs, freshly sawn wood, in situ timber, bamboo, rattan and processed wood products. Can be applied as spray on surfaces, dipping and brushing.

Active Ingredients:
Deltamethrin 25g/L

Mode of Action:
Contact and Stomach

Target Pests:
Woodborers, Powder-post beetles and Woodworms

Application Rate:
200 to 300ml per sqm

Dilution Rate:
10ml to 1L

Liter (Li)

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