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Wazary@ 10FL, a new water-based low mammalian hazard soil treatment termiticide, was evaluated as a soil repellent agent under controlled laboratory conditions against Coptotermes formosanus. Extremely low doses of fenvalerate in the specialised Wazary formulation (0.005% w/v) were found to produce 75% repellency.

Dosage Wazary 10FL Termiticide is a repellent / kill agent. The few termites that are persistent in their attack on the repellent barrier will pick up sufficient product to kill both themselves and those individuals that come in to contact with them. In order to obtain the residual activity expected of the new generation of such soil treatment termiticides, final dose levels of between 0.25 – 0.5% are now recommended following extensive in-situ field tests. Application Method Surface treatment Apply (spray) diluted WAZARY 10FL at the rate 3-6L/m2 with sprayer on ground. Soil Injection Make holes with electric drill in the concrete slab at intervals of 0.5-1.0m. Apply 3-6L of diluted WAZARY 10FL to each hole with a soil injector. Application Rates Wazarv 10FL – Dilution and Application Rates Post-construction Treatments Dilute Wazary 10FL with water at the rate of 1 part to 39 parts water (1 : 40). Apply the solution at the rate of 5 litres per linear metre to trenches dug to the base of the foundation of the building being treated, or via drill holes spaced at 30cm intervals in flooring slabs. Excavated soil should be treated and used as a backfill as well as the soil under and around porches. To avoid exposure of treated soil to direct sunlight, exposed areas may be covered with a thin layer of untreated soil. Pre-construction Treatments Dilute Wazary 10FL with water at the rate of 1 part to 39 parts water (1 : 40). For overall treatment of floor slabs porch floors and entrance platforms, apply solution at the rate of 4 litres per square metre or 7 litres per square metre if fill is washed gravel or other coarse material. On hollow block foundations, or voids of masonry, apply solution at the rate of 7 litres per three linear meters. In crawl spaces, apply the solution at the rate of 5 litres per linear meter per 30cm of depth from grade to bottom of foundation. Apply the solution on both sides of the foundation with special attention around pipes and piers. Remedial and Spot Treatments If there is evidence of termite re-infestation after the initial treatment resulting from disruption of the chemical barrier that can arise due to human activity such as excavation, construction and landscaping, or simply following an incomplete initial treatment, re-treat in accordance with the application techniques described within the Post-construction section. Characteristics: • Long residual efficacy • Strong repellent efficacy • Easy to store and handle • Less irritation and smell • Low mammalian toxicity • Safe to the environment.

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