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Score 250EC Fungicide - Difenoconazole - 500ml

Score 250EC Fungicide - Difenoconazole - 500ml

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SCORE 25O EC is systemic triazole (DMI) fungiside with prventive and curative properties for the control of Leaf Spots on carrots, Ring SPot on horticultural brassicas, Early Blight on potatoes and Syemphylium Leaf Spot on asparagus. SCORE 250 EC penetrates rapidly into the leaf tissue, where it acts curatively on the developing fungal infections by inhibiting the creation of sterols in fungal cell walls.

PRECAUTIONS: Store in original container, tightly closed, away fom foodstuffs, in a cool wel ventilated place. Keep away from flames andhot surfaces. In case of fire use fine water spray or foam. During a fire this product may release smoke and hazardous decomposition products. When fighting a major fire wear an air-supplied respirator.
When mixing and apply, wear protective clothing, including face shield, impervious gloves and footwear. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
If clothing becomes contaminated with product, remove clothing immediately.
DO NOT eat, drink or smoke while using.
Wash hands and face before eating, drinking or smoking and after work.
Wash protective clothing daily after use.
Apply with well maintained and calibrated spray equipment.
Records of use must be kept.
DO NOT carry on an passenger service vehicle
Avoid contamination of any water supply with chemical or empty container.

It is an offence to use this product on animals.


MIXING: SCORE 250 EC mixes readily with water. Add the required amount of SCORE 250 EC to the partly filled spray tank and add the remainder of the water with agitation.
APPLICATION: Ground: apply as a broadcast foliar application avoiding runoff.

COMPATIBILITY: SCORE 250 EC is compatible with other commonly used fungicide and insecticides.

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