Revancha 10EC Termiticide | Bifenthrin | Soil Poisoning | Termite Control - 1 Liter

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PYRETHROID - is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide used to control a wide range of pests.

IRAC  - belongs to the IRAC Group 3 Subgroup A.

CONTACT AND INGESTION acts by contact and ingestion and show good repellence
properties. Bifenthrin causes rapid paralysis and death to
an insect when ingested or exposed externally (contact).


Provides effective prevention (repellency) and/or fast control of subterranean termites
(quicker control than fipronil and imidacloprid).

Have acceptable toxicity and environmental properties when properly applied.

Have acceptable toxicity and environmental properties when properly applied.

Gives an extremely long residual activity in  different types of soils (can last for years if not exposed to light or other degrading agents) than any other compound used for termite control and it is showing a no/reduced risk for leaching. It is poorly soluble in water, hence, this chemical property activates higher efficacy.

Non-systemic, High soil binding capacity, low risk to pollute water-table.

ApplicationHorizontal barrier treatment: Apply diluted RevanchaHorizontal barrier treatment: Apply diluted Revancha10EC evenly to soil surface area. Use 5L of diluatedRevancha 10EC per m2 of surface area. To minimize drift,use low pressure and high-volume equipment to deliverlarge coarse droplets. On impervious soil, the applicationvolume may be reduced provided that the concentration ofemulsion is increased by corresponded amount. Do notapply emulsion below 2L per m2. In situation where soil.

surface is very dry and conditions are conducive to rapid drying, the area should be moistened prior to diluted Revancha 10EC application.

Vertical barrier treatment: Apply by rodding or trenching technique. Use 100L emulsion per m3 soil. The soil should be loosened to a depth of 15 cm to improved soil penetration.

Direction for Use

The use of Revancha 10EC for termite management will prevent and control termite infestation in and around building and structures. A diluted emulsion at the
recommended concentration of 0.0375% to 0.075% Revancha 10EC must be dispersed adequately into soil to establish a continuous barrier between timber and subterranean termites.


To obtain 0.0375% emulsion concentrate add 375 ml ofTo obtain 0.0375% emulsion concentrate add 375 ml ofRevancha 10EC to 100 L of water then mix thoroughly.For the 0.075% emulsion concentration add 750 ml ofRevancha  10EC to 100L of water then mix thoroughly.