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Ramgo Seeds | Pole Sitao Super Green - 18g

Ramgo Seeds | Pole Sitao Super Green - 18g

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Purity: +99.7%
Germ: +97%
M.C: 11.1%
Net WT.: 18grams

Ramgo Pole Sitao Super Green #53

Bush Sitao Brutus- Bush Sitao (Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis) is grown throughout the year. Unlike its counterpart (pole sitao), this plant does not need trellises. It is an easy grower and the pod picking is endless. It is absolutely direct seeded. Plants thrive well with temperature ranges from 25 – 35oC. Plants mature at 45 – 50 days after sowing.

A herbaceous crop, pole sitao has trifoliate leaves. The flowers are in pairs and borne on the axil of the leaf which vary in color depending on the variety. Calyxes are generally green and purple. It is a viny annual crop that produces 30-60 cm long pods which hang in pairs with many seeds. Pods are either green, dark green, light green or purple. They are quick growing and every other day harvesting is often necessary.

Land Preparation. Thorough land preparation is important to obtain high yield since operation renders the soil for seed germination. Plow the field twice and harrow after each plowing. For single row trellis, make furrows one (1) meter apart and 0.75 meter for A-type trellis before planting. Apply 2-3 tons dried animal manure per hectare while preparing the field.

Planting. The seeding rate for pole sitao requires 10-12 kg/ha. For hill method of planting, after basal fertilization with organic and/or inorganic fertilizers, sow 2-3 seeds per hill with a distance of 30 cm between hills and cover lightly with soil. Allow only 2 plants per hill. For drill method of planting, seeds are planted at a depth of 2-3 cm at a rate of 15-18 seeds per linear meter with 100cm spacing between rows.

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