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Perfekthion 40 EC | Selective Insecticide | DIMETHOATE - 1 liter

Perfekthion 40 EC | Selective Insecticide | DIMETHOATE - 1 liter

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Perfekthion 40 EC is an organophosphorus insecticide with systemic and contact action. It control a wide spectrum of plant-sucking insect such as thrips, aphids, planthroppers, white flies, bugs and spired mites, even when these are protected by curried leaves of the webs.


One tablespoon (Tbsp) - 10mL
Benin spraying when pests first appear and repeat every 10-15 days if necessary.
Do not spray at blossom time. Observe at lest 5 days waiting period

RE-ENTRY PERIOD: Do not enter the field within 2 days after spraying.

PRE-HARVEST INTERVAL: Do not spray within 14 days before harvest interval. For other crops. Banana: 3 moths.

COMPATIBILITY: Perfekthion 40 EC may be mixed with organic fungicide and insecticide but not with Bordeaux mixture or other product with alkaline reaction. Certain wettable sulphur formulations are not compatible with Perfekthion 40 EC.

PROHIBITION/WARRANTY STATEMENT: It is a violation FPA Rules and Regulation to use the product in a manner inconsistent with each label. No warranty of any kind, expressed or implied is made concerning the use of this product. User assumes all risks and liabilities resulting the handling, use or application.

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