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Ramgo Seeds | Onion Red Creole Improved 3g

Ramgo Seeds | Onion Red Creole Improved 3g

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Purity: +99.9%
Germ: +86%
M.C: 6.8%
Net WT.: 1.5grams

Red Creole onion plants are the best short day storage onions. This onion has a spicy, Cajun type flavor and can be added to any dish for a bolder experience. Red Creole onions are small to medium in size with pungent red-purple flesh and tolerant to disease with very little bolt resistance, so planting these onions plants a bit later will decrease the number of bulbs that bolt.. Well adapted to all short day growing areas. At maturity, you will find yourself with a dark-red, globe-shaped, pungent onion about 3-4 inches in diameter. Once planted by transplant, they take about 110 days until harvest and then can be stored for approximately 6-7 months.

Red Creole is a medium maturing, open-pollinated short day red onion. Red Creole is well adapted and very widely planted. The outer scale is dark red; the rings are tight and red right through to the centre of the bulb. The bulbs taste slightly pungent, are firm, with a granex shape. The bulbs are attractive and store well.


• Red Creole is suitable for direct sowing, sets and transplanting
• Contact the area representative for a sowing guide

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