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KAWASAKI KC-16 | Battery Operated Misting Sprayers

KAWASAKI KC-16 | Battery Operated Misting Sprayers

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1.Battery must fully charged before use, put the plug into the charger in 220v power until the light into green , put the plastic plug into the socket to prevent affected with damp at the time without charging.

2.Never operate the sprayer if it is not properly and completely assembled, or if it is damaged. Carefully inspect the unit and make sure there are no leaks .

3.Do not use the water-insoluble powders for this sprayer, as it can not dissolves into the liquid and will block the strainer and pump. Please use liquid chemicals .

4.The maximum temperature of the liquid to be sprayer must not exceed 43'C,do not use sprayer if the temperature of Work environment is up to 45'C or lower than -1 O'C

5.Use the inlet strainer is a must. The inlet strainer protects the pump from ingesting debris, which may cause the pump to operate poorly or not at all.

6.Wipe the exterior if any spillage occurred while filling . If any spillage contacted the battery pack, remove the battery back and dry the battery and terminals with a cloth, as well as the support bracket.

7.Once the tank is full, return the lid to the tank neck. to avoid the liquid spill out

8.Once the power is switched on, simply squeeze the hand leaver to begin spraying, and release the lever to stop. When the tank runs out of liquid, the pump will continue to run, when this occurs simply turn off the pump. The hand lever features a locking mechanism that allows the handle to be locked in the on position to reduce operator fatigue.

9.Notice when spraying
1) once the hand lever is open, waver the wand, do not keep the wand in one place to avoid too many chemical.

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