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Ramgo Seeds - Hot Pepper Cindy Gang 0.38g

Ramgo Seeds - Hot Pepper Cindy Gang 0.38g

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Purity: +99.8%
Germ: +85%
M.C: 8.3%
Net WT.: 0.38gram

Hot Pepper Cindy Gang- Hot pepper (Capsicum frutescens) is best known for its culinary uses for making sauces, pickling, dried seasoning and making spicy dishes (like sinigang or bicol express). The fruits are excellent source of Potassium, Calcium, Vitamin A and C. It is grown in low to mid elevation throughout the year with temperature of 13 to 300C. It is grown best under full sunlight but it can also tolerate partial shade. The fruits are ready for harvest 3 to 6 weeks after flowering; it may be harvested green or red depending on their utilization.

A. SOIL PREPARATION Empty the soil bag to the very environmentally friendly coconut pot. Don’t forget to leave about a quarter of an inch or so of empty space in between the surface of the soil and rim of the pot to ensure proper growth. Press the mixture slightly to eliminate stubborn air pockets. Drench the mixture thoroughly with water so it’s ready to provide the right environment for seeds to germinate.

B. SOW. Drop at least 5 seeds into the pot. Cover them lightly with some soil at least 1-2mm deep or just cover the seeds with the thickness not exceeding its diameter. Water the pot very lightly to ensure good seed–to-mix contact. (Take note: It takes 5-10 days before hot peppers germinate) Hot pepper seeds need light to germinate properly. A bright room or a spot in a greenhouse, OUT of direct sunlight, is ideal.

Maturity: 55 – 60 Days After Transplanting

All-year round variety.
Bright green fruits that turns red when ripe and with mild pungency.
Tolerant to bacterial wilt, virus, and leaf spot, anthracnose, and late blight.


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