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Cabrio 25EC | Pyraclostrobin | Fungicide - 500ml

Cabrio 25EC | Pyraclostrobin | Fungicide - 500ml

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Gives the AgCelence® effect (greener leaves, bigger and heavier grains) which translates to increased yield and quality.

For Corn
1) Add 30% of the total water to the knapsack sprayer.
2) Add the recommended rate of Cabrio™25EC at 40 mL/16L of water, then agitate; and 3) Add the rest of the water to complete the total volume. The spray volume for corn is 160 liters per hectare.

For Banana
The recommended mixing procedures for Cabrio™25EC are as follows 1) And banana oil plus recommended rate of emulsifier, then agitate; 2) Add 50% of total water, then agitate 3) Add the recommended rate of Cabrio™25EC, then agitate; and 4) Add the rest of the water to complete the total volume.

Cabrio 25EC is compatible with banana oil (e.g. Banole) other commonly used fungicide in banana (e.g. Opal and Calixin).


After drying of spray or 24 hours after spraying.

Store in original container, tightly closed away from food and feed by storage or disposal. Triple rinse container, then offer for recycling, or puncture and dispose off in a sanitary landfill.

PROHIBITION AND WARRANTY: It is a violation of FPA Rules and Regulations to used this product in a manner inconsistent with its label. No warranty of any kind, epxressed or implied,is made concerning the use of this product. User assumes all risks and liabilities resulting from handling, use of application.

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