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Bayonet Molluscicide | Metaldehyde - 1 kilo

Bayonet Molluscicide | Metaldehyde - 1 kilo

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The No. 1 Selling Pellet Molluscicide in the country. Bayonet is easy to apply because it is in pellet form, no need for a sprayer. It is convenient and ideal for broadcast / spot applications.
Bayonet has the finest pellets which means more area is covered and more snails are controlled than other pellets in the market.
Bayonet’s pellets has a binder which makes it stay in the water for longer efficacy. It also has an attractant bait which ensures effective snail control.


For efficient use of BAYONET 6% PELLET against golden kuhol, a standing water of 1 to 2 inches in depth is required to enable the golden kuhol to move about and feed on the applied bait. For the effective control of ornamental snails and slugs, use the recommended number of pellets. It is also recommended to apply this products late in the afternoon since golden kuhol, snails and slugs of ornamentals, crucifers and strawberry are active feeders at night.

RE-ENTRY PERIOD: Do not enter treated field within 48 hours after application.

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