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Bayer Fludora Fusion Insecticide | Clothianidin + Deltamethrin - 100g sachet

Bayer Fludora Fusion Insecticide | Clothianidin + Deltamethrin - 100g sachet

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FLUDORA® FUSION is a next-generation insecticide, featuring two unrelated modes of action in a perfect arrangement for insecticide resistance management strategy. This first dual-mechanism indoor residual spray product increases the reliability and cost-effectiveness of your BRI program, supporting goals to achieve coverage and impact in the fight against disease vectors.

Where to use?

Internal and external areas

What controls?

Aedes sp and Anopheles sp

Indoor spraying

Anopheles – traditional panel - (0.7 x3.0 x 9.0) m in 19.7s

Aedes – spot application – 1.5m at mosquito landing sites.


1 water-soluble sachet of 100g for 250 m².

200mg/m² clothianidin and 25mg/m² deltamethrin

When to apply?

Follow the guidelines of the national vector control program

Product composition:

Active ingredients: clothianidin 50% w/w and deltamethrin 6.25% w/w

Chemical group: Neonicotinoid and pyrethroids

Formulation: Wettable powder

Presentation: Laminated packaging containing 100g water-soluble sachet.

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