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ARIMITSU P-FN M Thermal Fogging | Misting Machine

ARIMITSU P-FN M Thermal Fogging | Misting Machine

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Feature Simple Operation & Quick Start: Easy and it is really light machine which you can use without shoulder belt. And we are using very small q’ty of parts. Durability: This machine doesn‘t put many parts. We made it as simple parts. So it cannot be easily broken down or out of order. Running by Disposable battery : The machine is using the disposable battery to start. So wherever you go no need to recharge and you can use everywhere. Little Heat: Designed by the cooling method with two air-intake valves that are connected to the fuel ignition part of the machine. The machine will NOT be getting hot and you can use it more safely. Good Maintenance: Very simple to assembly and disassembly. And easy to check the problems because the fuel lines are transparent. Very light and small machine and high efficiency against Small fogger.

Product Specification:

▶ Product Code.: P-FN M (FONY M)

▶ Type: Thermal Aerosol Fog

▶ Starting Method: Manual with battery

▶ Power Supply: 1.5 V x Disposable battery

▶ Dimensions (W×L×H): 230×830×340(㎜)

▶ Weight: 6 ㎏

▶ Gasoline Tank Capacity: 1.2 liter

▶ Gasoline Consumption: 1.2 liter / hr

▶ Solution Tank Capacity: 2.7 liter

▶ Solution Output: 30 liter / hr

▶ Solution Tank Material: PE 5T

▶ Cooling Type: Double Cooling

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